Our Story

We are a small family business based in London, United Kingdom. Jewellery and other items of elegance were a passion of ours for a decade and eventually we decided to share our experience of sourcing and owning quality pieces of craftsmanship with our clients.

It is our belief that certain fine craftsmanship stands the test of time and that's why we find and sell exquisite second hand pieces that are highly sought after by elegance lovers worldwide. We also believe second hand provides the best value for our customers because they deserve the experience of quality - at a reasonable price.

Why second hand? Approximately 90% of all newly bought retail items accumulate wear and tear within the first 4 months after purchase, especially jewellery, watches, luxury clothing and accessories. Additionally retail outlets add a large markup to the price of an item on top of the cost of manufacturing the actual good. A newly purchased jewellery item from a retail outlet may add up as much as 400% to the cost of manufacture. Paying the higher premium is fine as long as the client is comfortable with that. But if you, like us understand that a premium price is not always worth paying especially if after 4 months the item would look exactly like it was second hand. If you, like us appreciate fine quality goods but would like to get your value for money, then feel comfortable looking through our collections which carry a significant discount to retail in addition to being at competitive second hand prices.

Whether a gift, a personal desire, a compliment, branded or vintage.... the selection is tailored for a buyer with appreciation.